Tips on how to check if your Facebook data shared with Cambridge Analytica

  Was your Facebook . com data distributed to Cambridge Analytica? The political research firm harvested the individual information of roughly 87 million people to target American voters, by using a personality questions called “This Is The Digital Life” that...
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Ought to Solve a Problem? Look to Nature!

As occupants of Earth, we are surrounded by exceptional varieties and natural processes which may have evolved and developed throughout our planet’s long background. Over these millions of years, life has found its way into some pretty unique niches. Development has forced...
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How To Create A Blog & Earn Money

How To Start a Blog and Make Money in 8 Easy Steps

1.How To Select Your Blog’s name (Domain Name) 2.How To Choose A Theme And Customize 3.How To Change Blog Layout 4.How To Create,Edit or Delete Pages 5.How To Post A Content And Edit or Delete It 6.How To Config Menu and Labels 7.How To Config Adsense And Earn money. 8.How...
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